Just how many button down shirts does a nursing mom need?

I love nursing camis. I LOVE them! But, I am not a fan of the solo cami-even at home on maternity leave, with only a toddler and newborn to see; I feel so exposed (and quite cold sometimes!). Therefore, the need for a button down shirt arises and, alas, I can only find four of them in my closet (one of which is from my high school days and will barely button at all). For two weeks, I made it work, and then things started to get sloppy: zipper hoodies, loose fitting tee shirts, the contemplation of the all-day robe. None could replace the button down. Zipper hoodies were dangerous to that precious newborn skin. Loose fitting tees require the lift and tuck method, which causes armpit cramping (yes, it’s a real thing), and the all-day robe is a slippery slope leading to a life of less showers and excess junk food intake. So, insomnamommas, after much late night, half-delirious contemplation, I have a solution: the nursing momma mullet: (see pic) it’s business on the top and party on the bottom. A great way to solve your nursing wardrobe dilemmas. If you’re like me, you will discover you actually do own several button down shirts-the ones you wear to work! Remember work? That place you used to go and do stuff? Now, I know the tops won’t exactly coordinate with your comfy sweatpants, but hey it’s all about functionality. You are welcome. 🙂

The nursing momma mullet

The nursing momma mullet


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